With Antoine Françoise & Patrick Stadler (Ensemble Nikel) Free workshop To participate email us The deadline for this opportunity is September 23rd 2018OTO Project Space
Antoine Françoise, Patrick Stadler & Jessica Aszodi perform Matthew Shlomowitz Lucy Railton performs Phill Niblock Fresh Klang: Evie Hilyer-Ziegler performs Ryoko AkamaCafe OTO
Elaine Mitchener, Jason Yarde & Neil CharlesAbstruckt Ensemble perform Alvin Lucier Rebecca Glover & Abstruckt Fresh Klang: Nemanja RadivojevicCurated by Taylor Le Melle Cafe OTO
Down the Rabbit Hole perform Elena Rykova Kathryn Williams Ma La Pert: Jennifer Walshe & Tony Conrad. Live set recording / diffusion Fresh Klang: Hanna Kölbel performs Cathy van Eck Cafe OTO
Installation by Shenece Oretha at the Oto Project Space 2-4 February, 5-9pm daily Curated by Taylor Le Melle for not/nowhere
Morgan Craft Venus Ex Machina Fresh Klang: Shenece OrethaCurated by Taylor Le Melle Cafe OTO
Angharad Davies & Sebastian Lexer Phoebe Collings-James & Last Yearz Interesting NegroFresh Klang: Mira Benjamin & friends performed Linda Catlin SmithCurated by Lucy Railton Cafe OTO
Annea Lockwood Installation / Q&A SessionSunday 7, 4pm A Q&A session with Annea Lockwood and Nate Wooley (free entry)Curated by Jennifer Lucy AllanOTO Project Space
Evie Hilyer & Amalia Young perform Chiyoko Szlavnics Xenia Pestova Bennett performs Annea Lockwood Fresh Klang: CRiSAP students perform EVOLCurated by Jennifer Lucy AllanCafe OTO
4pm, Q&A with Annea Lockwood and Nate Wooley (free entry, Oto Project Space) Laura Cannell performs Peter Hannan Annea Lockwood & Nate Wooley Fresh Klang: CRiSAP students perform Yoshi WadaCurated by Jennifer Lucy Allan Cafe OTO
A screening of the film Torse (1977) by Charles Atlas. This two-channel work documents Merce Cunningham’s eponymous choreography, performed to Amacher’s composition Remainder (1976). Accompanied by a conversation between Amacher's former collaborator Bill Dietz and musicologist Amy Cimini, author of a forthcoming monograph on Amacher.Curated by Lucy Railton Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
Maryanne Amacher's GLIA performed by Contrechamps and members of Berlin-based Ensemble Zwischentöne, dir. Bill Dietz. Accompanied by a discussion between Amacher’s previous collaborator, Bill Dietz and Amy Cimini, author of a forthcoming monograph on Amacher.Curated by Lucy Railton Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA)
Trevor Wishart Alistair Mackie, Tim Gill, Sound Intermedia performed Jonathan Harvey, Javier Álvarez Fresh Klang: Lauren MarshallCafe Oto
Trevor Wishart led a workshop in his cult software programmes Soundloom and Composers’ Desktop Project (CDP). Participants were asked to bring mono or stereo wav files of their own work, 44K sampling rate, to develop over the course of the workshop. Familiarity with these programmes was not required.Somewhere in N1
Mary Jane Leach gave a lecture as well as offered feedback on individual pieces. Participants had to bring a short piece of their own (i.e. on laptop) to present and discuss – or, if they didn’t have a piece to share, come with a specific question about a piece or process.Somewhere in N1
A conversation between Mary Jane Leach & Frances Morgan, 7pm Oto project space (free entry)Mette Rasmussen & Sofia Jernberg Ashley Paul & Ensemble performed Mary Jane Leach Fresh Klang: Dawn ScarfeCafe Oto
David Helbich Scenatet Ensemble perform Matt Rogers Fresh Klang: Joseph Houston performs Antonia Barnett-McIntoshCafe Oto
Jennifer Walshe Distractfold perform Takasugi, Hanna Hartman Fresh Klang: Distractfold perform Barblina MeierhansCafe Oto
Kirit Singh & Kirit Singh (voice) & Jasdeep Singh (jori) perform Rāga-Ālāp & compositions from the Dhrupad & Dhamãr traditions Plus-Minus Ensemble perform Catherine Lamb, Newton Armstrong Fresh Klang: Clara Levy performs Clara Iannotta, Erika VegaCafe Oto
Zwerm Ensemble perform Joanna Bailie, Earle Brown, Dowland Caterina Barbieri Fresh Klang: Morton Feldman performed by 4|12 Collective (RAM Experimental Music Ensemble)

Cafe Oto
Naomi Sato (solo shō) Loré Lixenberg performs Nancarrow Hen Ogledd Fresh Klang: Serge Vuille, solo percussion and electronics, performs a new work by Alice Jeffreys

Cafe Oto
Neil Luck, ARCO and Kammer Klang invite ‘extras' to attend a rehearsal of Luck’s new work Live Guy, Dead Guy ahead of its UK premiere at Cafe Oto on 5 June. Those in attendance will participate as a recorded live studio audience, to feed into documentation of the work.

Free Kernel beer and snacks for all.

Oto Project Space
Neil Luck Oliver Coates & friends perform chamber music by Laurie SpiegelFresh Klang: Oliver Coates, solo cello, performs Alexia Sloane

Cafe Oto
Open studio daily 10am-6pm + free evening eventsOto Project Space
Miles Cooper Seaton + ensemble Distractfold Ensemble performs Sam Salem, Liza Lim, Mauricio Pauly Fresh Klang: Martyna Poznańska DJs: Monocreo Cafe Oto
Ayan-ool Sam 12 Ensemble performs Hills, Crawford Seeger Fresh Klang: Camilla Isola DJs: Carrier RecordsCafe Oto
Presented by Kammer Klang in association with London Sinfonietta Evol performs Darboven Cox performs Ferneyhough, Fernando, Telemann Senft performs Darboven Fresh Klang: Ewa Justka DJs: AlkuCafe Oto
Christine Sun Kim Plus-Minus Ensemble performs Miller Juliet Fraser performs Miller Fresh Klang: Lisa Illean DJs: Another TimbreCafe Oto
Klara Lewis Phaedra Ensemble performs Chadburn Christopher Redgate Fresh Klang: John Uren DJs: HolodiscCafe Oto
Friday 31 March & Monday 3 April We Spoke and Hackuarium will present a two-day workshop introducing composers to the exciting possibilities of creating music for Living Instruments.Oto Project Space
Come see, touch, play & learn about the Living Instruments at the Oto Project Space all day.Oto Project Space
Following We Spoke and Hackuarium’s workshop for 10 composers to create new music for Living Instruments, Kammer Klang presents a free, intimate performance of these workshop pieces.Oto Project Space
We Spoke Living Instruments Explore Ensemble performs Grisey, Romitelli Fresh Klang: Wai-Nok Angela Hui performs Mark Applebaum’s Aphasia DJs: Neu RecordsCafe Oto
Scenatet performs Rogers David Helbich Fresh Klang: Perinpanayagam performs Oliver DJs: SlipCafe Oto
Jacob Kirkegaard on Pade’s life and works Svævninger: A Documentary by Sofie Tønsberg Panelists include Sanne Krogh Groth, Jo Hutton and Frances Morgan, with a reading by Ain Bailey.Cafe Oto
Apartment House performs Christiansen Jacob Kirkegaard performs Else Marie Pade Fresh Klang: Vitalija Glovackyte DJs: Aguirre Cafe Oto