Tuesday 2 September 2014 / Door 8pm, music 8:30pm / Tickets: £7 adv / £9 on the door

You can also buy our new season ticket, giving you entry for the 8 concerts of the upcoming year for £35 only! Our full program will be released August 15.


Summer is behind already, with its fun moments hanging out in Darmstadt beer gardens! But dry your tears, the blessed islands of the new Kammer Klang season are in sight, with exciting sounds aplenty! Our September concert will open fire with Distractfold Ensemble presenting pieces by Anna Clyne, Fernando Garnero, Mauricio Pauly, Santiago Diez-Fischer and Rodrigo Constanzo.
In our second set, cellist and electronic composer Oliver Coates will be starting his world tour at Kammer Klang, presenting his solo album, Towards the blessed islands, before flying to Le Poisson Rouge, New York and other destinations. The album was described as "an itinerant love letter to the instrument, an album of deep resonance and fleeting harmonics" (The Wire), and having "subtly devastating results" (The Guardian).



Anna Clyne - Rapture (2005), for amplified clarinet and tape

Fernando Garnero - Limae Labor (2014), for electric guitar, violin, viola and cello

Mauricio Pauly - Its fleece electrostatic (2012), for violin and guitar pedals

Santiago Díez-Fischer
- La mujer, el vidrio, el jardín primitivo (2013), for amplified trio (clarinet, cello and percussion)

Rodrigo Constanzo
- (2013), for snare drum, microphone and DMX lights

Distractfold Ensemble

Rocío Bolaños, clarinet
Linda Jankowksa, violin
Emma Richards, viola
Alice Purton, cello
Rodrigo Constanzo, percussion and electronics

Oliver Coates - Towards the Blessed Island (album release)



Since our debut in 2011, Distractfold has become established as a fresh, strong and daring voice in the UK music community. The group specialises in instrumental, acousmatic and hybrid music of the 21st century written by composers of the new generation. We have productive collaborative links with the Architectural Association in London (resulting in concerts at the Roca Gallery in London, Matadero in Madrid and the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale), Allard Van Hoorn and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation where the ensemble holds a quarterly residence of self-produced concerts including guests such as the Mivos Quartet, the Noise Upstairs and Le Quan Ninh.

Distractfold @ Flow Fields at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale along with the New Movement Collective and Allard Van Hoorn.


Description of the live set:
Following the release of his debut album Towards the blessed island Oliver Coates presents a special new live show for cello and electronics. The melting of acoustics in music such as The room is the resonator for cello and Max/Msp processing sits alongside the micro-tonal polyphony of Xenakis' Kottos, while a new arrangement of Messiaen's Ondes Martenot 1937 electronic piece Oraison makes a case for the early secular version of a work which was to become the ecclesiastic central movement of the Quatour pour la fin du temps.
The Wire magazine described the album as "an itinerant love letter to the instrument, an album of deep resonance and fleeting harmonics." The Guardian reviewed it for having "subtly devastating results", "like a message delivered over a sea wind." Oliver has now bridged the pieces of this set with transition sequences based on generative Euclidean rhythms, which permutate rotations of reverse-sampled pizzicato chords in minimalist patterns. This material comes from his early collaborative album with Leo Abrahams, Crystals are always forming.
Much of the new album was recorded in train stations at night, a tomb, and a number of different resonant sites in Scotland.

Oliver Coates' position as an Artist in Residence at Southbank Centre in London has lead him to the forefront of curating and performing unique arts events which have built entirely new audiences for live music. It culminated in him winning the Royal Philharmonic Society Young Artist Award 2011. Reflecting upon this he decided to explore principles of context and sound, working on a self-produced album to be released on 12-inch vinyl as the first release for new imprint PRAH, part of Moshi Moshi records run by Stephen Bass. In 2013 he worked with field recordist Chris Watson, using music by Britten and environmental sounds for a project in Suffolk. His other major performing collaborations have been in intimate settings with Steve Reich, Jonny Greenwood, DOOM, Oren Ambarchi and Mira Calix. These encompass notated music, drone, improvisation, glitch and interactions with live electronics. From an early age, Oliver studied the cello repertoire alongside experiments with guitar footpedals and cutting up samples on computer. In the last two seasons he has performed concertos in China, Brazil, Holland and UK with Britten Sinfonia, Aurora Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony, BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the Neojiba Youth Orchestra of Bahia.

Oliver Coates