Kammer Klang was a London-based live music series which ran from 2008-2019, presenting programmes of contemporary classical, experimental, improvised and electronic music.

Founded by Lucy Railton, it was later directed by Serge Vuille and Emily Moore and co-curated by Railton. Invaluable support was provided by a team including Dan Ehrlich, Dimitri DjuricIlme VysniauskaiteIlze IkseJérémie WengerJuliet FraserLouis d’Heudières, Marie Faucher, Matthew ShlomowitzNefeli SkarmeaRagnar Árni ÓlafssonRichard SimkinsSam MackayTom Rose and Zoë-Eve Rhinehart, as well as 2018-19 guest curators Taylor Le Melle and Jennifer Lucy Allan.

Starting out at Charlie Wright’s International Bar off Old Street in East London, it soon found a new home at Cafe Oto after the venue opened in 2009. Kammer Klang explored both new music and new ways of presenting repertoire, connecting performers and creators from across genres whilst hosting a platform that encouraged innovation and new collaborations.

Kammer Klang was proud to present outstanding artists and composers including 12 Ensemble, Abstruckt Ensemble, Aisha Orazbayeva, Alex Hills, Alexia Sloane, Alvin Lucier, Andrew Hamilton, Andy Ingamells, Angharad Davies, Annea Lockwood, Antoine Françoise & Patrick Stadler, Asamisimasa, Ashley Paul, Ayan-ool Sam, Brian Ferneyhough, Cassandra Miller, Caterina Barbieri, Catherine Lamb, Chaines, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Christian Wolff, Christine Sun Kim, Christopher Fox, Christopher Redgate, Clara Iannotta, David Helbich, Distractfold, Elaine Mitchener, Eliza McCarthy, Else Marie Pade, Ensemble Contrechamps, EVOL, EXAUDI, Georgia Rodgers, Hanna Hartman, Hen Ogledd, Henning Christiansen, Ictus, Jacob Kirkegaard, Jennifer Walshe, Jessica Aszodi, Jessie Marino, Joanna Bailie, John Wall , Josephine Stephenson, Juliet Fraser, Kaija Saariaho, Kathryn Williams, Kit Downes, Klara Lewis & Nik Colk Void, Laura Cannell, Laurie Spiegel, Lawrence Lek, Lee Fraser, Leo Chadburn, Lina Lapelyte, Linda Catlin Smith, Liza Lim, London Sinfonietta, Lore Lixenberg, Martin Creed Band, Mary Jane Leach, Maryanne Amacher, Matt Rogers, Matthew Shlomowitz, Mette Rasmussen & Sofia Jernberg, Mica Levi, Michelle Lou, Miles Cooper Seaton, Mira Benjamin, Morton Feldman, Naomi Sato, Nate Wooley, Neil Luck, Newton Armstrong, Oliver Coates, Oren Marshall, Peter Hannan, Phaedra Ensemble, Phill Niblock, Phoebe Collings-James & Last Yearz Interesting Negro, Plus-Minus, Rebecca Glover, Samantha Fernando, Scenatet, Shenece Oretha, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Trevor Wishart, Venus Ex Machina, Vitalija Glovackyte, We Spoke, William Cobbing, Xenia Pestova Bennett, Yoshi Wada and many more.

2016-19 poster photography, designs and custom typefaces by Ismini Adami.

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Kammer Klang gratefully acknowledges support from the Arts Council England, Hinrichsen Foundation and RVW Trust.